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Tech Corner

  • The cutaways are finished and on display!

    So after weeks (months) of work the Honda 350 engine cutaways are finally on display in my office.  I kept a record of the time spent on the 2nd cutaway that shows both the intake and exhaust port.


    Here's an overview of the project:

    Step 1: modify an automotive engine stand to accept a Honda CB350 engine.  If I had this to do over again I would have... Continue reading

  • One man's junk is usually another man's junk. Well, sometimes it probably should be...

    by Matt Thurman


    If you follow the never ending swap meet that seems to fill these pages you'll know that somehow I ended up with a pile of junk that at one time somebody called a Honda CB350.  The bike had the target for some budding young rabbit hunter earning it the nickname "bullet hole bike", and then it had been left to rot in a backyard mud pit for about 20 years.  When we went to go look at the bike I couldn't see a usable part on it, but my friend Eric bought it because he thought it would make a funny story in the future.  The bullet hole bike ended up as the 10th gram on a scale to even out a trade (I'm still not sure if it should have tipped the scale up or down...) and there it sat in my garage looking like a million Zimbabwean dollars.

    Continue reading
  • Friends help friends weld Honda junk

    by Matt Thurman


    My good friend Eric stopped by this weekend.  It's always good to have a fellow Honda nut stop by to visit, especially when he's delivering original parts for my engine cutaway project.  I have a well worn 3 foot by 8 foot wooden workbench on castor wheels in the machine shop side of my garage, and as I helped Eric unload the car onto the workbench I couldn't help but notice he had set a worn out Honda seat pan right in the middle of the bench.  The seat was a side hinged model which is the most common type, and it was really in rough shape.  I figured Eric was cleaning out his basement and bringing me the seat to store in the walk-up storage over my garage, if only that had been the case....

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